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Music and Emotional Well-being: Use music to de-stress and minimize anxiety
by Dr. Kasey Huff, LCSW; Co-Author Maeve
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Music can be a therapeutic tool used to reduce stress and anxiety. Depending on your preference, there are several ways to introduce music as a form of stress relief. Anything from playing an instrument, singing your favorite song out loud, attending a concert or listening to songs that elicit feelings of comfort or joy can break the cycle of anxiety and calm the mind.

Playing music or singing is great a way to draw your attention away from your problems and redirect your energy towards something fun and creative. Performing music can help you express your emotions and creativity through song, which can lessen the impact of negative feelings.

Listening to music is a simple and easily accessible way to soothe your nervous system and process painful feelings. You can create a playlist of songs that are inspirational and lift your spirits or attend a live concert.

Music impacts emotion

Music can be a form of self-care that lifts your mood, enhances relaxation and evokes feelings of inspiration.

You can use music to motivate yourself in your daily life. Try listening to upbeat songs while completing chores, spending time in the car or exercising to make those activities more enjoyable. It also can be used for anxiety relief. You can play calming music to help yourself decompress and unwind after a stressful day. Music can be used to find comfort. Listen to songs that trigger happy memories or provide solace in times of sadness or distress.

Creating music facilitates the opening of your inner space or a feeling of peacefulness. By getting in tune with your emotions though music, you can release feelings of anger, despair, powerlessness or anxiety that crowd that space. When you release those emotions, you create room for self-compassion, harmony, feelings of self-worth and happiness. That positive reinforcement allows you to function more effectively and to make choices from a grounded perspective.

Music can be fun and interactive. It builds connections with people, which eases stress and anxiety. Music as entertainment or as a creative outlet is a great way to spend time with your family and friends, or to make new ones.

Music in any form, whether playing, singing or listening, can be an effective resource to enhance your emotional well-being. You can use music in various ways to support your self-care by reducing stress and anxiety, connecting with others and finding comfort and joy in life.


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